Advantages and Disadvantages of Animal Cloning

May 17, 2008

Advantages of Animal Cloning

Disadvantages of Animal Cloning

There will be an endless supply of animals to clone, and we will never run out of food from animals, because we have been able to clone based on previous efforts, the most famous of these was the first ever cloning of an animal, Dolly the lamb which was a successful cloning where Dolly was a healthy lamb.

Although the cloned animal will be identical. It will only possess about half the life span of the  normal animal which has been cloned. An example is from the famous ‘Dolly’  previous mentioned which only lived for 6 years, whereas normal sheep can live up to about 10 years of age, so a great decrease in age.

The animal in which we intend to clone will result perfectly the same as the animal which has been cloned in every way, identical in all senses of the word. The eyes, the nose, the ears, the face, everything! Dolly was a perfect example of this through how she came out exactly the same. But this sheep is not the only animal which cloning can work effectively on, there are many animals which have also been successfully cloned such as horses and bulls, just not as famous as Dolly.

Reasons for cloning aren’t exactly for keeping resources, such as food for the future, but in fact we are basically taking embryos from the animal for research and by doing this leaving the animal useless. This is similar to humans being cloned, where there human embryos are taken away from them for research because they believe that it isn’t really a person. However, if it is alive and has every trait that a humans has, then how can it be called useless to us?

Through animal cloning, we can go into further research into how complicated and intricate our world that God created really is, and could discover information that we’ve never seen before.

Even if we can clone animals and make them perfectly the same, is this what God would’ve wanted? For us to have the power to clone living organisms such as animals, and one day even human beings?

One of the greatest breakthroughs of all time, cloning has been discovered, something which could be revolutionary if we use it to our advantage through continuing on with our research and studies into it, with discoveries that could change our lives forever.

Many believe cloning is quite inhumane, especially that of religious and some governmental parties which don’t want to move forward with this research. They think life is just too precious to take away, even if it is a clone in which we are testing.